Tribute to Rajamouli who takes Indian cinema to the next level

SS Rajamouli, 18 years ago, when he made the film Student No. 1, all the credit went to another director. Rajamouli looked dapper. Because they do not know that the same name in the Future will become head of Indian cinema. They also don’t know that this person will become a boon to Indian cinema and his Vision will make an indelible impression on the minds of millions. But Jakkannah has the same smile from that day,even today he looks with the same smile.

Rajamouli’s successful journey

Because he cannot say in words what he can do, so he achieves what he wants to do, no matter how difficult the thing. That is why the words of director Darshaka Dheerudu, Darshaka Bahubali, and the all-time great director suits him well. From time to time, He struggles to win beyond himself, the desire to learn something new, and the struggle to learn the wonders. That is why he created super hits like Eega, Magadheera, and Bahubali. Telugu cinema has risen, the whole world has recognized Tollywood, we have made everything proud. It is difficult to believe that Rajamouli made films like Simhadri and Chatrapati once.

Tribute to Rajamouli who takes Indian cinema to the next level

Rajamouli took the film Sye and made a hit with the belief. Where no one dared to do that kind of movie. But Rajmouli succeded to do experiments. Rajamouli, who turns the life for NTR’s career, once again gave him a new blockbuster with Yamadonga. In the history of Telugu cinema, however, the word ‘sensational’ is very small. In Bollywood, where there are more resources and technology available, but no one tried to remake that film.

Baahubali, taken by Rajamouli changed the status of the Tollywood industry. It created a new trend like before Baahubali, after Baahubali. Jagannath is seated in the minds of the audience with two films of Baahubali series. Even 100 years after also we can show Bahubali as a classic.

Tribute to Rajamouli who takes Indian cinema to the next level

Now, do u know how many countries are waiting for Rajamouli’s RRR movie? It is the Pan India cinema, but rather it can be called a world cinema or a universal cinema. This time all the Telugu people are expecting ten times more successful than what he received till now. We wish him a very Happy Birthday on behalf of all movie lovers.

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