Narasimha Reddy is not a Real Freedom Fighter says, Historians

From the very beginning of Sye Raa Narasimhareddi’s film, historians have been questioning the story. They oppose the campaign of Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy as the first freedom fighter in our country. They argued that he was not a true freedom fighter. Boloju Baba is one of those who is against calling Narsimha Reddy as a Freedom Fighter. Baba is a professor, historian, and educator in Kakinada, the center of the East Godavari district. Baba says there is no freedom movement in the East India Company which abolished the palgalla system and gave a pension to them. He argues that such propaganda for self-interest is not perverted by history. It is surprising that at least it is not even the first struggle of the palagans but it was promoted as the first freedom struggle. Baba’s interview with Rural Media to this extent has mentioned many things.

What Actually Happened?

Baba said “the company had entrusted Thomas Monroe, to take over the Seeded areas on behalf of East Indian Company. Thomas Monroe came to Bellary on November 9, 1800. Baba said that Monroe had convinced the East India Company to introduce a system of peasant farming. The farmer’s system is a system of handing over the land directly to the farmers. Rather keeping it with the middlemen such as zamindars and palakas the land should have to farmers directly. This was the greatest revolutionary in land reform then. The company took over the land from this seeded region in 1800. After this incident palagans lost their power and authority upon the lands. This has been opposed by the palagans who have enjoyed land rights for generations till then.

Thomas Monore was successful in managing the palagans by offering them a pension. However, many of the rulers have revolted by killing the company’s officials in villages and invaded forts to restore their lost rights. The Hari Nayakan Rebellion in Bellary in December 1800, the Patel Rebellion of November 1801 has killed nearly 173 members. The Rebellion of Diwakar Nair in July 1802, Kudrit Ullakhan in 1804, and the Swadukanna Nayaka on 27 March 1804 was earlier than Narsimha Reddy’s Rebellion. East Indian Company killed some of them by hanging till death.

Who was Narasimha Reddy?

Monroe called Narasimha Reddy in 1800 when the company took over the Nosum establishment and had to come up with an explanation for the pending tax. But, Nosum Narasimhareddi was absent. He died on 4 November 1804, eventually losing his wager and taking a pension, due to no income or financial difficulties.

Narasimha Reddy is not a Real Freedom Fighter says, Historians

The company has handed over a pension of Rs 8,323 a year to his wife after Nosum Narasimhareddy’s death. The adopted son of Nosum Narasimhareddy is Jayarami Reddy and his grandson is Uyyalavada Narasimhareddy. By 1846, three generations had passed and Uyyalavada Narasimhareddi’s share had risen to eight paisas of ten rupees due to the distribution of pincha to the heirs. Narasimhareddy rebelled against the company’s officials because of the humiliating circumstances of its offering.

Narasimhareddi went to war with the company with the words of a saint named Gosai Venkanna. Gosai Venkanna suggested that the future was great. he sailed every town and able to unite the rest of the affected palagans again. The rebellion began in July 1846, when they all marched under the leadership of Narasimha Reddy and killed a tahsildar and company clerk. The number of followers of Narasimha Reddy has increased to five thousand. Most of them are foresters, pilgrims.

Narasimha Reddy is not a Real Freedom Fighter says, Historians

Narasimha Reddy was arrested by the Kadapa Collector Cocktain kuyuktha on October 6, 1846. After he spent some time with the company Police. The palagal system is the structure of feudal society. This includes the caste system of the ladder and its tyrannical, caste-like forced labor. Pathologically projecting a personal struggle to reinstate it as the freedom fight is not at all correct, Boloju Baba said. It is surprising that at least the first paleontological struggle, not the first freedom struggle, was advertised as the first freedom struggle.

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