Nara Lokesh brusts on Great Andhra news about Sahoo movie

Andhra politics are becoming hyper day by day. Great Andhra News is a social web news channel which delivers such a strong hype. In recent posts from the GA news site on twitter, it published a post linking both movies and politics. The news states that Prabhas upcoming movie Sahoo is facing a negative social media campaign due to TDP media wing. The TDP social wing acts as an active political wing in Andhra Pradesh, it states that the TDP wing was disappointed with the answer from Prabhas in a recent interview.

In spite of answering for a question, Prabhas replied that “Jagan has been doing well and he can find a new direction for the development of AP.” This answer from Prabhas irked some of the leaders in TDP party. The news also contains that how social wing has taken revenge on Jr.NTR after maintaining distance from TDP party. It also states a negative campaign of Sahoo movie i.e, remaining the flops after Rajmouli’s movie.

Replying to this Nara Lokesh twitted a very hot reply from his account. He stated that a”Pseudo journalist who wrote these blatant lies and how can he digest the money earned from cast division and spreading hatred.”

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