Is Listening Sad Music Really Makes us feel happy?

What happens when we listen to a piece of sad music? Either we feel sad or sometimes we g to sleep also. But according to some surveys, it s a proved fact that listening to sad music when we are in a bad mood can make us feel good. Yes, of course, its a truth. Listening sad music creates a medium to express our switched of mood in a healthy way. Scientifically I had some words about this theory Prolactin hormone that causes lactation in breastfeeding women released during great grief. During the great sorrow, our body’s mental situation automatically moves depressed and then our body releases this type of hormone to make ourselves happy.

Similarly, when we listen to sad music our body sends out the same signal which results in the production of Prolactin. This one is the proved scientific reason where our body can itself creates a pleasant environment and happier feelings when we hear sad songs.

Not only listening to music makes us happy but also motivate us

Despite making happy sad songs also motivate us. One can easily get free motivation when we keenly listen to lyrics in the song. Listening to sad songs always make you feel that you are not alone in the bad mood. The sad song may also a bitter experience for the composer he can advise us how to overcome the situation he faced through his experiences. More likely it takes all the pain and sorrow of our heart and makes us feel more comfortable. We can also learn the true philosophy of life through the sad songs which also makes to feel like life has all ups and downs.

The study concludes that “Sad music generally plays a vital role by providing consolation as well as by regulating negative moods and emotions”. There are some music therapies that are budding in the market now. They are continuously working to treat depressed people with this type of therapy. These people generally use music to regulate their emotions. They also say that they use some type of sad music to control the inner depression of a person. They particularly use this because sad music triggers our imagination which helps us to come in creative way. so, next time when you are struggling with something sad in your life then grab your headphones and put your favorite sad song listen to it. Not only listening try to analyze the changes occurring in your mood. Definitely you will feel better trust us and give it a try.

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