Instagram Celebrities who won Hearts with their talent in 2019

Instagram has been bringing young, unique and new talents every year. Today we would like to showcase a few of those Instagram celebrities who have shown their talent and won hearts & followers in this year. Checkout and let us know who do you like most!!!

Kaasko Nikhil

Nikhil who is famous on Instagram has come up with his youtube channel Kaasko, a crazy challenges show. This year he has marked himself as one of the finest and hardworking people. Right now his youtube channel has more than 130k subscribers and that shows the dedication. He has been improving and winning hearts each day. We should not miss telling you, he is such a nice singer too!!!

Supritha Naidu

Supritha Naidu is the daughter of Tollywood supporting actor Surekha Vani and well-known Tv Shows director Suresh Teja. Although she started getting fame due to her parents, she has created her own following with her talent. She has stolen hearts with her selection of Tik-Toks. Also, she started her career in You-Tube as an actor which got quite a good response. Something we personally appreciate is her boldness in coming front for her father’s cremation. She has been an inspiration for many. We strongly believe that she will really do more in the future.

Kiraak Style Abhignya

Abhignya Vuthaluru, the Bold yet cutest Instagrammer is now seen everywhere and loved by everyone. With a unique style and solid voice, Abhignya is winning hearts in Girl formula. We should say this, Girlformula has got its popularity back after Abhinya’s entry. Also, she is giving fabulous styling tips in her channel Kiraak style. This young lady has got her space and impressing everybody.

Bunny vox

Bunny Vox, this cutest and gorgeous Instagrammer has got super craze this year. I should tell you, she can win hearts just with her smile. Anybody who is on Instagram would have not missed seeing Bunny Vox. With more than 200k+ followers on Instagram, she has been entertaining people with her modeling and acting skills. With innocence and cuteness, this super gorgeous Instagrammer created her own fan base.

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We will keep updating this post, comment and let us know who do you like most on social media.

9 Replies to “Instagram Celebrities who won Hearts with their talent in 2019”

  1. Bunnyvox akka she is a wonderful person and she won my heart and so many members heart ♥ I love u Akka and you don’t have attitude you are awsm person ♥️😘

  2. I’m one of the Follwer of bunny vox. She is such a cute n beautiful girl. I like her bcoz she doesn’t have 1% attitude also but I feel so sad😔 bcoz she didn’t reply to my comments at least at once. I won’t feel for that bcoz I can understand d problem of her. she can’t give d reply to all irrespective of this she is such an amazing girl😘. I wish her Al d best for her future 🤗🤗❤❤@Bunny_vox

  3. I am the follower of abhignya and bunny box,both are superb,and abhignya voice and her expressions and saying numerics in kirrakstyle is awesome

  4. Hi I accept all the people, of above list..

    but we need to take care of upcoming people not to go to extreme levels to become famous on social media.. example dark_choclate who is famous in social media ,but lost her life of doing extreme activity which she sould not have done…

    please people who have following u r circle to educate them not to do extreme level.

    thank you

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