From tragedic Past to India’s Top cricketers, story behind these Cricketers

Cricket is India’s most favorite game. Openly people even die for it. Cricket tops the line for the question, “which game would get maximum loves in India”. Beyond the game, people also love the players irrespective of their nation. We can see all this craze, love and every emotion, especially on cricket festival time. Cricket Festivals like WorldCups, IPL, and all the other tournaments brought the cricket close to the people. The players will surely agree that they will always surprise towards the love shown upon them. But some players really struggled hard in their past before becoming cricketers. In this article, we are happy to unveil some of the great persons who faced struggles before becoming cricketers.

1.Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadhav one among the top pace bowlers belongs to Indian Cricket Team. He was born in Nagpur in a very poor family. His father is a coal miner. Umesh Yadav completed his 12th standard in his village. His father was sure that he cannot afford more for his further studies. Umesh Yadav’s father advised him to search for a job. Thinking on his father’s advice he tried to join in Army but he was rebuffed. His attempts to join in police department also failed. Deciding the closer of all paths for success in his life he started bowling with a tennis ball. He, later on, moved to leather ball cricket. He was first selected into the Vidharbha cricket association and then after his journey began. With in the months after joining into the club he got a first-class debut chance. He showed his performance as a Star Performer.

st selected into the Vidharbha cricket association and then after his journey began. With in the months after joining into the club he got a first-class debut chance. He showed his performance as a Star Performer.

Cricketers who struggled to reach the heights

In Duleep trophy, he has taken the wickets of Dravid and Lakshman. The son of a coal miner was bought by Delhi Daredevils for $30,000 in 2008. He made his ODI and Test debut in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Yadhav is the one among the weapons for India in WorldCup 2020.

2. Patan Brothers

The famous allrounder duo and the brothers by relation Yusaf Patan and Irfan Patan are one among the struggled famous cricketers. They belong to a Muslim family. Their father used to work at the nearby mosque. They always helped their father in the cleaning department. Later on, they turned the corridor of the mosque into little ground and started playing there. Their father often had to apologize to the visitors for playing cricket by the young brothers inside the mosque. Their lust for cricket won the battle against their father. In 2003 Irfan made his debut for the national team. Within less time he becomes the first bowler ever to take hat-trick wickets in very first over of the match. Now comparing Yusaf, he is the big hitter he had two hundred in his ODI carrier and some useful wickets. This duo has a good partnership in a couple of matches.

Cricketers who struggled to reach the heights

The hitting cricketers have scored 55 runs partnership in 26 balls which become the match-winning performance. Yusaf score 22/10 and Irfan scored 33/16 against Sri Lanka in 2009 T-20 match

3. ‘SIR’ Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja who is also pronounced to be as ‘SIR’ Jadeja was a Watchman before becoming a cricketer. Jadeja who is one among the reasons for Dhoni’s successful tournaments. When Dhoni was in charge of the captaincy he only used Aswin and Jadeja for a spin attack. Not only for international tours and tournaments but also, he used this duo for the IPL team CSK too. Jadeja is one of the top spinner and a successful allrounder India produced. No spinner changed his name in the team’s line up for more than two years. This tells us how hardworking he is. His father is a watchman in a private company. As it was tough to run a family with that salary he joined Jadeja in that company for a watchman post. Although he used to take time to play cricket.

Cricketers who struggled to reach the heights

He is one among the successful all-rounders who even stared in last world cup semis with Newzealand.

4.Manoj Tiwari

One of the youngest aggressive player in the Indian team. He is also got the name of Indian Kevin Peterson for his shot selection towards the midwicket boundary. He is also one of the people who got major struggles when he was a teen. Despite his fate, he achieved a successful path. He proved the quotation “Cricket is a rich man’s game” wrong. He belongs to a family of five, in Calcutta. His father is a railway employee. His father or any member of his family can afford his spendings over cricket. However, his passion made him break the doors of the grounds. His brother Rajkumar Tiwary identified his skills and talents on the game and helped him in taking of loans from the bank. He used to go to the clubs then after.

Cricketers who struggled to reach the heights

He made his Ranji debut in2005 and also done his duty as captain for the U19 team. Manoj Tiwari is much recognized for his hitting winning runs innings in IPL finals 2012 against CSK. He made his ODI debut against Australia 3rd February 2008.

5. Wasim Jaffer

The name Wasim Jaffer refers to the in the list of underrated Indian cricketer. Entering the first-class cricket with a record-breaking performance of 400 Wasim was successful in scoring runs but not getting chances. After his debut, he scores a triple century in his second match. The innings of 314* helped the Mumbai to win its first series. He debuted for ODI in 2006 and for tests in 2000. He failed to show his success strength in every chance given to him. Rather he was successful in Ranji’s than at international level. He scored two triple centuries overall till now in Ranji tournament. Not only that he scored the highest runs by anyone in Rani tournament with 11,000 runs. He completed this achievement in November 2018. Presently he is working as a Batting coach for Bangladesh team.

Cricketers who struggled to reach the heights

Every cricketer may face struggles but the above five tops the list according to our research. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook for the latest updates on the cricketers. We will be coming back with another article on the cricketers.

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